Hi there.

Soups & Roots & Rants is a food blog, duh.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best recipes and foodie recommendations possible. We are, however, novices. We’re learning as much as you are! At times we’ll mess a plate up. Don’t worry, we’ll tell when we do. We have the tendency to beat and criticize our own work into submission, doing and redoing meals until we feel they’re perfected.

Another thing, we like to improvise. Much of our measurements and additions are guestimated, approximated, or completely fudged. But if we ever get confusing, vague, or our instructions are too roughly chopped, please drop us a line.

Our dishes are mainly vegetarian, but we love most, if not all food–except raisins or pickles, maybe. Mimi will probs be handling the meat stuff, and Fran is our baking pioneer. But we both like vegetables. A lot.

One more note: a cool thing about this blog is that Mimi & Francisco, souls intertwined, are on different career paths. In the fall, Francisco will be over the pond and Mimi will be on her way to grad school (hopefully) BUT FEAR NOT. We will still be posting. In a beautiful and delicious, long-distance co-authorship. Looking forward to sharing the endeavors.

We hope you will join us in our cooking, cutting, slicing, spicing, zesting, mixing, tweaking, tasting, basting, stirring, currying, boils, blends, simmers, spoonfuls, mouthfuls, bowlfuls, and soupy, rooty rants.


Mimi & Francisco



Questions, Comments, Complaints?

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