Neuroscience is for Champions or Chumps

Oh hi. Remember us?

Mimi here. This is my portion of the blog to utilize the “rants” of our blog title. I am currently at the library crunching away at my neuroscience study guide learning about the science of tasting and all I can think about is our lack of posting to this beautiful food blog.

Not to fear! We are not finished with this blog! We’ve both just been outrageously busy so we are on a brief break.

Don’t worry! We are still cooking and eating! In fact, I even have a couple of posts on the back burner to post in the near future!

Francisco is currently busily directing a show, “Late: A Cowboy Song” to open this upcoming weekend! I am completely thrilled to see it because I know that everything he touches turns to gold.

Hopefully, you will be hearing from us again soon!

Creepily posting from Wells Library,



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