How to Choose & Cut a Butternut Squash

1. To pick a butternut squash, make sure it’s heavy, with a nice orange-yellow color. Double check to make sure there are no cuts, bruises, or mold.

2. Chop off top and bottom of the squash, but make sure to JUST sliver the bottom, so you don’t hit the seed pit (which is what I did, like a dumbass).

3. Peel away the skin until you see the orangey flesh, which may be more difficult to do if you have a dull peeler. As you can see, I messed up and left some white underpeel.

4. Cut the squash long-ways. Easy enough.

5. Pit out the seeds using a melon baller or large spoon. Get all the stringy goopy stuff out, though you may have to take some flesh too.

6. Slice wide-ways.

sorry that this is the shittiest camera in the world.

6. Then dice into inch-ish pieces.

These are a great healthy snack if you just bake them and season them, using the first two steps in this recipe.

Don’t throw away the seeds! They taste great when you roast them!



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