Braised Figs with Honey & Thyme

Alright, this one is pretty self explanatory.


I was walking down Edgeware Road (IN LONDOOOON) and I came across a fruit stand with a guy selling figs, 4 for £1, and I definitely took advantage. I guess it’s fig season? Anywho, I’m going back tomorrow because these puppies were TO DIE FOR. For this hors d’oeuvre, you will need:

olive oil
balsamic vinaigrette
salt & pepper
goat cheese
toasted baguettes slices

To start, heat up olive oil on medium heat so it evenly coats a frying pan, but you don’t want to fry these guys or nothin’.

After washing them, slice the figs hamburger patty style (skins too!) and get ’em ready for grillin’, excluding the butt and the pointy end.

Once the pan is hot, place the figs onto the skillet and add the desired amount of salt and the optional pepper. It all depends on how sweet or savory you want them. If you want them more savory, consider cayenne pepper or garlic salt, which both go surprisingly well with honey.

When the figs have started to brown, toss balsamic vinaigrette into the skillet and flip all your fig patties. You want to watch them carefully, and heat them higher rather than lower, because they fall apart really easily.

Sprinkle honey & thyme.


Enjoy these on a crispy baguette with some goat cheese to balance it out! drizzle oil or honey to season! And don’t get to impatient that you burn the whole roof of your mouth like I did. Make your flatmates try them too, if even if they’re judgey about your weird food.



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