Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Me and my friend Esther, a fellow cook with a deep love for vegetables, decided to grow a vegetable and herb garden this summer.

Partly because we love vegetables, partly because we want to eat yummy fresh produce and use fresh herbs, and partly because it’s a great way to utilize our amazing mothering instincts.

Yesterday, we went to the Hyde Park Garden Fair and went a little bit wacko. We’re kind of out of control, but we are proud of it.


We bought pots on pots on pots of vegetables and herbs, compost dirt, regular soil, and some gardening tools.

Here’s what we got:

– Spinach
– Red Tomatoes
– Yellow Tomatoes
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Brussels Sprouts
– Celery
– Onions
– Leeks

– Sweet Basil
– Spicy Basil
– Chocolate Mint
– Cilantro
– Parsley
– Rosemary
– Thyme

Today, while gardening, we also met a new friend, Todd, a fellow gardener who shares the garden space. He let us use his watering can and he even gave us two Sweet Yellow Peppers to grow in our space!

We are utilizing a LOT of space. We didn’t realize just how much space we’d need until we assessed where everything should go yesterday afternoon. We originally started out with this plot where I’m sitting and soon realized, there’s NO WAY it would be enough room!


Today, we cleared away and expanded into another plot! We also decided to pot some of our plants that we’d like to keep after we change apartments and we move to the Northside next year!

Here’s the progress we made this morning:


This is plot number 1. Inside, we have onions, sweet basil, cilantro, spinach, thyme, big boy red tomato plant and cherry tomato plant

Then we did some potting..


In the pots, we have all the rest of the tomato plants: big boy red tomatoes, golden boy yellow tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes! One of our golden boys got a little shocked by the whole potting process and a huge part of his branches snapped today and his leaves got all wilty. We’re holding out to see how he does after a couple of days in his new environment with the warm weather.

Next, we cleared away and started the new plot:


On side 1 of the 2nd plot, we have a row of Brussels sprouts, a to-be planted parsley plant, and some golden self-blanching celery.


Side two of Plot 2 features our sweet yellow peppers (thanks Todd!) And soon to be, the leeks! In the boxes, we have some herbs that we hope to pot and take with us after the summer: spicy basil, chocolate mint, and rosemary.

I gotta be honest, the chocolate mint is probably my favorite. It is incredibly fragrant and I can’t get enough of it!

We are loving the therapeutic nature of gardening! I love being able to tend to all of our little babies as they start to grow! Cannot wait for them to start producing delicious treats for us throughout the summer!


I encourage everyone to go and enjoy this warm weather! Whether you are gardening, going for a long walk, or simply sitting outside with a glass of lemonade – go enjoy the sun! You deserve it!




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