The Cooks

Mimi & Francisco fell in love with food sometime in their youths.

Mimi grew up surrounded by her grandmother’s Chinese cooking from seaweed soup to fried rice and was always more comfortable using chopped sticks to stir than wooden spoons. And yet, her true love in cooking centered on colorful presentation and a gourmet palette. Starting from a young age when her dad taught her to “spice up” canned soups, to her semester in France learning how to perfect a Breton galette, Mimi is constantly looking for new dishes and cuisines to experiment and try. While culinary school was a dream at one point in Mimi’s life, she was drawn in another direction, but cooking still has a strong hold on her heart. Mimi’s favorite food is soup of all kinds.

Francisco, having grown up with the thickest of Hispanic heritage, was never living in a house that didn’t have a bag of tortillas in the bread box, a sack of beans on the counter, and a jar of salsa in the pantry. Funnily enough, he then grew to hate Mexican food–but he still enjoys breakfast burritos and of course, Abuela’s arroz con gandules. Much of his cookspiration comes from his mother, who has more recipe books and cooking magazines than she does novels. Like Mimi, Francisco considered going to culinary school instead of college for a brief time, but he quickly scared himself out of that decision. He doesn’t regret his choice, but sometimes he thinks about what could have been. Also, Francisco’s favorite food is trail mix.

One day, the two met and started cooking together. The rest is history.


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